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25 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

fave bowl:
tokyo shoyu ramen


so ya whatev THIS RESTAURANT was on chef's table so of course IT'S good, BUT LIKE ACTUALLY, THIS PLACE IS SO HECKIN GOOD. my girlfriend (the most perfect & beautiful, brenna) tried this place out and i remember we almost missed our fkn reservation because the trains were all fricked up then my juno drivers (basically like uber but less capitalist/gross for all u outta towners) kept cancelling on me and suddenly i was uncontrollably crying on the manhattan bridge expecting my dinner plans to be ruined... but then, i sat down in this chill af restaurant and had a bowl of the tokyo shoyu ramen (along with some absolutely incredible sake that i can't seem to remember the name of or find on their website) and all my troubles melted away into that salty soy sauce based broth. brenna had the spicy red chili ramen with the roasted tomato add-on (v highly recommend). was an absolute dream and hands down the best ramen i've had in quite a while. 
p.s. the pork buns are next fkn level.


🍜-(-‿-   )🍜-(-‿-   )🍜-(-‿-   )

#2: Okonomi

150 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

fave bowl:
try their brothless noodles!


vvvv highly recommend trying this place out. they don't have a menu online and i don't exactly remember what i got since it was pre-qrtr-ramen-map era, but this place is top notch so i'm sure anything you decide to order will be a real treat. the restaurant itself is very cute, seating only about a dozen people. it's like ramen shop meets spa, something about it is very zen. speaking of zen, be sure to check out the bookstore across the street too! it's wonderfully curated and especially awesome if you are a lil acidmom (or dad) like me! :) oh, and this pic was actually taken during a ramen class taught by the chef of okonomi, yuji! brenna and i took the class and learned a lot about ramen while making some delicious dishes with yuji's help. it was during this class that i realized my fave kind of ramen is shoyu (soy based). anyway, this place is a great date spot and a short walk from tons of bars & music venues.


🍜-(-‿-   )🍜-(-‿-   )🍜-(-‿-   )

#3: momo ramen

78 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

fave bowl:
spicy tonkotsu ramen


this is one of my most frequented ramen spots (Aside from the late zuzu ramen, r.i.p.) and it's because they aren't afraid to be unconventional. it's a hole in the wall type of place, they don't have a liquor license and they usually play cheesy top 40 covers off their one sonos speaker, but their ramen is rly fkn good. i usually get the spicy tonkotsu ramen and i ask them to replace the pork with miso eggs. the pork is great, but sometimes i don't really want meat and this dish doesn't usually come with an egg which is one of my fave parts of the ramen experience. i top the dish off with a green tea and the ceramic mug it comes in is always way too hot to touch. this place is a little gem, and worth a stop if you find yourself in the area.






i had my first bowl of really good ramen at zuzu ramen circa 2014. everything about this place was perfect to me. they had great house sake, they always played math rock by my favorite bands (when i was 15), and they had the best bowl of ramen i have ever had to this day. it was the green curry miso ramen with charshu pork, seasonal vegetables and a poached egg. ivan ramen comes close to delivering a broth that is equally as smoky, spicy and rich, but really nothing else compares. i was a regular there and found this spot as an escape during a really turbulent time in my life. although i'm obviously sad i'll never have a bowl of the green curry miso again, i'm mostly sad that i'm unable to share the experience with new people. one day as i was walking to the train, i noticed they weren't open anymore and dozens of letters laid strewn on their doorstep.


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