diamonds are born from pressure


these things can get heavy

weighing you down

and in the colder months,

your shoulders tense and neck stiff

all that force exerting on you

the pressure to stay exactly as you are

for fear the slightest move might provoke an avalanche

clarity is hard to come by

but somehow, in my search for it, i’ve discovered some of its favorite hang outs

it roams around cold city streets, posting up by small coffee shops, swirling in the glossy foam of a cortado

sometimes you can find it right after the sun sets in droplets of water on a window

the same drops that seem to flip the world around you upside-down

i have found it buried in books about the red sands of mars and loneliness

and i’ve bumped into it in the glowing haze of a good cup of wine

i was excited about the move because i knew it would stoke more movement

like water rippling, the digital shard wave i saw years ago as the world spun around me

a moment of clarity!, but understandably brief

and so now as i casually pass by clarity with each taking of the air,

our meetings feel substantial, our interactions feel less like a dream state

and i am so thankful

because i know we will lose touch again one day

but for now, we are closer than ever

Meagan Rodriguez