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Sometimes the rain hits your window at just the right angle to create a universal rhythm and you remember why dancing is essential.

Meagan Rodriguez aka QRTR’s productions do just that. Nestling between cinematic R&B and pumping house, her latest track DRIVER was recently featured on Jubilee’s BBC Radio 1 show. Performing both high-energy DJ sets as well as hypnotic original live sets, QRTR has shared the stage with the likes of Oliver, Sacha Robotti, Jubilee, Dom Dolla, J. Worra, Lauren Flax and Harvard Bass, to name a few. Having played some of the most renowned clubs in New York including Brooklyn’s Output, Good Room, Mercury Lounge and Bossa Nova Civic Club, QRTR has also toured internationally in Paris and Portugal.

QRTR’s Portuguese and Puerto Rican island roots introduced her to folklore festivals that centered on the communal rather than the individual through music. Discovering a magic in that traditional space fueled her passion for western rave and electronic music culture. Her start in production began in 2003 with Acid Pro and a Playstation 2 microphone. She’s now graduated to a robust yet minimalist studio based in Brooklyn, NY. The last two years mark an evolution in QRTR’s sound and process, “I start working on a track and if what I’m hearing resonates, it’s like being in a trance. Similar to a psychedelic experience - a thought on the tip of my tongue that will give me the meaning to the universe and just as I’m about to get there, it recluses itself again. Finishing a song is the closest to figuring out that deeper current - total clarity, for a moment.”

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